Painting Kitchen Cabinets

//Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Does your kitchen look tired, dated, and make you dream of a complete renovation? That’s a huge project you may not want to take on. Maybe you plan to do a total kitchen renovation but now is just not the right time, and you are waiting a few years. A new kitchen is usually the most expensive room, and if you are selling your home soon, the big-hit investment may not increase the value of your home enough to justify the expense, even though we all know by now kitchens and baths sell a home. Perhaps you just want a refreshed look and would like to extend the life of your cabinets.

In the 1980s and 1990s builders were putting the then popular natural oak cabinets in kitchens all over the country, including Baltimore and its surrounding towns. That look of vivid wood grain, and orange-toned wood, stands out against todays’ more modern trend of minimal design. In fact, most other woods and tones often have the same outdated look.

While you are deciding whether painting your cabinets is the right solution for you, some issues you will want to consider include whether your existing layout still works for you, what is the condition of your cabinets, and what are they made of, though laminate, metal and other products can also be painted.

If you decide that yes this is the thing to do, then congratulations! You are taking on the single most transformative thing you can do in your kitchen for a minimal budget. You may want to have a professional do the project for you, or maybe you want the satisfaction or savings of doing it yourself. We can help you find an experienced professional if you’d rather have a Baltimore contractor or painter do the job.

We are also happy to help you with those other questions, and we have the expertise to advise you of all the steps along the way. Why not take a couple pictures of your kitchen and maybe even remove a cabinet door and bring it in with you to either our Fells Point or Timonium location. If you call and make an appointment for this purpose we’ll be sure to have the time and attention for you to make the best decisions. We can tell you about cabinet preparation, drying times, coats needed etc.

Benjamin Moore makes a specialized paint and primer called Advance, created just for the express purpose of painting cabinetry. It is very high quality and will ensure a beautiful, durable finish, and the most successful outcome overall.

Though all-white kitchens have been the most popular the last few years, more recently we have been seeing cabinets painted gray, many shades of blue and green. For more ideas and information, including before and after pix and a How To video. 


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