We have been proudly Baltimore since 1868- that’s over 150 years of giving Baltimore paint advise, tips, and selling the best painting products and equipment. Since we first opened our doors in Fells Point all those years ago we have chosen to sell Benjamin Moore paint. A lot has changed since Geo H. Budeke opened the doors on South Broadway, but the quality, service, value and integrity has always remained the same.

Sesquicentennial is a big accolade for a business, it means you are doing something right. Aside from our genuine commitment to the Baltimore community, we believe a big reason we have been able to call Fells Point home for several decades is because we sell superior products that provide great durability with a gorgeous color palette. Benjamin Moore has a phenomenal combination of beauty, longevity and value. It’s not the least expensive product on the market but we believe it’s the best. We always say, ”only a rich man can afford cheap paint”. With that said, we strive to provide Baltimore with not only a quality product, but quality service and expertise.

When “big box” stores like Home Depot and Lowes opened their doors and more people started flocking to their shelves to purchase paint and rollers we took that as an opportunity to explain why for a product such as paint, the big box shops just don’t cut it. And now, more and more people are starting to shop small. We think this is due to the type of products that people are purchasing but also the idea that you are getting genuine service and knowledge. For example, when you shop with Budeke’s for your painting projects you are working with people who totally understand the products they are selling. Our paint co

unter staff wasn’t in a different department last week and then won’t be in a new position next week. They are paint store employees. If you’re looking for knowable employees about not only Benjamin Moore products, but how to apply paint, and the best tools for the job, it is crucial that you speak with someone who is well versed with all the ins and outs of the products and processes, and can help you not just select a paint color and send you on your way, but who can actually help you understand all the important details. 150 years in Fells Point is a big deal. An accomplishment. Something we are proud of. We love what we do, where we work and who we serve. Come see the Budeke’s difference.


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